Consulting services* provided to start up asset managers

Services provided to asset allocators to rethink their strategic operational infrastructure e.g. outsource

Proven driven process combined with experience resulting in impactful outcomes

Reengineer or enhance current operational infrastructure

Management Company

Understand your Structure

  • Outsourced COO or CFO services

  • Structure setup with strategic planning

  • Expense Management

Strategy and Portfolio Trading

Trading Platforms

  • Trading software selection

  • Investment risk measurement platforms

  • System integrations

Business Infrastructure

Identify Matching Service Provider

Middle Office Process

  • Appropriate process and controls around trade settlements and cash movements

  • Treasury control

  • Third party data providers e.g. security pricing, corporate action

Service Provider

  • Service Providers selection driven by business requirements e.g. fixed income trading, equity fund administrator

  • Best practice for accounting oversight

  • Understand the risk of your provider

*The above services may not reflect all areas of our consulting services.  Services can be customized based on a client needs and requirements.

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